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Welcome to BN Steel & Metals

While "going green" might be the latest Hollywood trend, we've been recycling since the late 1960's.  Our passion for recycling is stronger than ever with second generation owner Mark Riffel. Metal recycling has come a long way over the past 50 years and we have had to adapt to the changing global economy along the way. With our foresight and ability to evolve, we have become one of Saskatchewan's largest recyclers of scrap metal.  The material we recycle ends up in many countries where the metal is then melted down and formed into consumer products such as automobiles, construction materials and even computers and cell phones.

Whether you're creating a new recycling strategy, updating an existing system, or just want to know where you can recycle your old applicances and other left-over metals you have laying around, BN Metals is here to help provide the information you need to get started.