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Price list

#1 Copper $2.90/lb
#2 Copper $2.80/lb
Clean Brass $1.80/lb
Dirty Brass $1/lb
Coated Wire $0.50 - $0.90/lb
Clean Aluminum $0.74/lb
Dirty Aluminum $0.20/lb
Clean Stainless Steel $0.50 - $0.70/lb
Dirty Stainless Steel $0.20/lb
Prepared Steel $170/mt
Oversized Steel $140/mt
Vehicle Batteries $12.00 each
Clean Cop/Alum Rads $1.25/lb
Dirty Cop/Alum Rads $0.75/lb
Clean Cop Rads $1.50/lb
Dirty Cop Rads $1/lb
Clean Alum Rads $0.70/lb
Dirty Alum Rads $0.20/lb
Catalytic Converters Market Price
Electric Motors $0.15 - $0.25/lb
Extrusion $0.75/lb

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