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Prices Of Scrap Metal For Recycling

#1 Copper $3.70-$3.90/lb
#2 Copper $3.40/lb
Clean Brass Red $2.15/lb
Clean Brass Yellow $1.95/lb
Dirty Brass $1.25/lb
Coated Wire $0.75 - $1.10/lb
Extrusion $0.70/lb
Clean Aluminum $0.50 - $0.70/lb
Dirty Aluminum $0.20/lb
Clean Stainless Steel $0.40 - $0.75/lb
Dirty Stainless Steel $0.25/lb
Prepared Steel $200/mt
Oversized Steel $160/mt 
Tin $110/mt
Vehicle Batteries $0.20/lb
Clean Cop/Alum Rads $1.50/lb
Dirty Cop/Alum Rads $1.00/lb
Clean Cop Rads $2.00/lb
Dirty Cop Rads $1.10/lb
Clean Alum Rads $0.50/lb
Dirty Alum Rads $0.20/lb
Electric Motors $0.20/lb
Catalytic Converters $5 - $25 ea

Scrap metal recycling is probably one of the best ways to do your bit for the environment. And if you can get some monetary benefit from doing so, isn't that the icing on the cake? Perhaps you've heard that metal can be recycled or maybe you have read about it somewhere but didn't feel inclined to jump onto the recycling bandwagon. However, the fact is that recycling metal scrap is one of the best ways to get rid of old appliances and equipment, old metal features from renovation projects etc.

Scrap Metal Recycling- The Benefits

Companies like us at BN Steel and Metals Inc. pay very good money for metal. Regardless of how you look at it, recycling your metal scrap is a win-win because it:

  • Reduces the requirement for mining
  • Conserves natural resources and energy
  • Boosts the country's economy
  • Adds money to your pocket too

While not as immense as our mining industry, recycling all types of scrap metal definitely gives a boost to the economy. The industry recovers billions of dollars' worth of different types of metals such as aluminum, lead, steel, and copper, annually.

The Best Way To Start

If you are a homeowner and find the clutter piling up, don't just try to discard all of it yet and don't run a garage sale either. Most common household items have different recyclable metals in them. Everything from light strips and pipe fittings to electrical wires and pressure cookers has something of value in them.

You'd be really surprised at how much more money you can get by sending these items for metal recycling instead of just reselling them. If you look hard enough, you're sure to find a lot of scrap metal lying around waiting to be recycled. Sending it to a company like ours also ensures you get good scrap metal prices for it. Some excellent sources of recyclable metals are broken or old and dysfunctional appliances such as:

  • Air conditioners
  • Freezers
  • Dishwashers
  • Washing machines
  • Driers
  • Other

All these appliances have large amounts of recyclable material in them. Other home appliances might look broken on the outside; however, their unseen components can easily contain expensive materials. This is why you should disassemble them before handing them over for recycling.

If you are a business owner and are planning on selling larger amounts of metal for scrap, you too need to be aware of what the current prices of various metals for recycling are. This will ensure you get very good scrap metal prices for them based on the metal the appliances have in them.

For example, you will find that dirty copper prices are far higher than prices of stainless steel or aluminum window and door frames. So if you are selling old plumbing pipes, gas pipes or air-conditioning system pipes made of copper, you will surely get a pretty penny for them.

Metals- Some Basic Information About Them

While you don't need to be an expert or professional metallurgist in order to recycle metals, it's important to have enough knowledge to be able to tell your metals apart. This is vital if you want to estimate the value of your scrap accurately.

  • Steel- It's easy to tell this metal apart from various other metals because it attracts magnets. Steel is also a very heavy metal that is found in everything from washing machines to coat hangers.
  • Iron- This metal is magnetic as well and common household fixtures like washing machines, boilers, and bathtubs etc., can contain a significant amount of iron too.
  • Copper- This is a very valuable metal and as mentioned earlier, dirty copper prices are quite high. This reddish brown or dark brown metal is found in power cords, computer cables, as well as old extension cords. Electromagnets, old plumbing pipes, and cooking pans may contain copper too.
  • Aluminum- While this metal may sometimes look like steel, it doesn't have magnetic properties. Motorbikes, bicycles, car hoods, and window and door frames usually contain aluminum. Beer can and soda cans can be recycled as well.
  • Stainless steel – This contains 70% iron, but it's considered to be a nonferrous metal and so scrap stainless steel prices will be higher than that of aluminum. SS looks just like steel but doesn't have magnetic properties.

The other metals that can be recycled are brass (think doorknobs, faucets, valves, and keys); bronze and lead. At the end of the day, the company that is going to recycle the metal decides exactly how much they will pay you for the metals you have. You can get a better idea of scrap metal prices here.

Please note- These figures can change on a daily basis based on factors like location, metal grade, and market trends. So it's important to check what the current prices are before you decide to sell scrap metal for recycling.

How To Get The Best Value Out Of Metal Scrap

  • Sort and clean the scrap- This doesn't mean you have to clean the scrap with soap and water. It means you should trim them down to size, so they don't have any extra attachments. For example, you may get a higher price for copper wiring that doesn't have an insulating sheath on it.
  • Different grades- It's important to keep in view that there are metals of different grades. For example, there are two varieties of copper and the one that doesn't have any insulation, coating or alloys on its surface will command a higher price. This is why you should sort all the metal according to its grade. This will help you get more money for metal.

Get The Best Scrap Metal Prices at Steel and Metals Inc.

The metals our company recycles ends up in various countries where they are melted down and then formed into different types of consumer products such as construction materials, automobiles, cell phones and computers as well.

Whether you're recycling your old appliances, updating an existing system or creating a new recycling strategy, we at BN Steel and Metals Inc. are here to help provide all the information you need. You can find our Contact Details on this page.

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Got metal to recycle? Contact us today to see what it's worth

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